Weekly Works (2017-18)

weekly works for 1º British
weekly works for 3º British
weekly works for 4º British

4º British (History) LOMCE

Cover page (optional)

3º British (Geography) LOMCE 

Cover page (optional)
Unit 1. Political issues & Spanish Democracy 
Unit 2. Population and Migration 
Unit 3. Settlement 
Unit 4. Intro to economy 
Unit 5. Economy A: Primary sector 
Unit 6. Economy B: Secondary sector 
Unit 7. Economy C: Terciary sector 
Unit 8. Transformations in the present world: Globalization (NEW TOPIC)
Unit 9. Geographical skills: review of chartography 
Unit 10. Natural environment A: landscapes & Glossary (Volunteer)
Unit 11. Natural environment B: Climate (Volunteer)

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